XY-PWM Dual Channel PWM Pulse Square Wave Generator Module



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XY-PWM Dual Channel PWM Pulse Square Wave Generator Module 

Product Introduction:

1.Operating Voltage:5-30V;support micro USB 5.0V power supply 

2.Frequency Range:1Hz-150KHz

3.Frequency Precision:2%

4.Signal Load Capacity:8-30mA 

5.Output Range:5V

6.Ambient Temperature;-30~70 Celsius


1.Two independent PWM generators can set the frequency,duty cycle

2.The wide frequency range,high accuracy

3.Support serial communication.


1.As square wave signal generator which generates a square wave signal

2.To provide a signal to the stepping motor driver

3.Adjustable pulse generation for chip use

4.Produce variable pulse signal,the control-related circuit (PWM dimming,speed)

Module Description:

Frequency is divided into three ranges:

1.XXX (no decimal point):the smallest unit is 1Hz,the range 1Hz-999Hz

2.XX.X (decimal point in ten):The minimum unit is 0.1Khz; the range of 0.1KHz-99.9KHz

3.X.X.X.(there are three decimal point): the smallest unit is 1Khz; the range 1KHz-150KHz

Frequency Display Example:

1."100" indicates that the PWM output pulse of 100Hz

2."54.1" indicates that the PWM output pulse of 54.1KHz

3."1.2.4." Indicates that the PWM pulse output 124KHz

4.Duty Cycle in the range:0 to 100

5.Three frequencies duty cycle is the same,all the parameters non-volatile

Serial Port Control:

1.Baud rate:9600 bps

2.Data bits:8

3.Stop bits:1

4.Parity bit:none

5.Flow control:none

6.Set The PWM Frequency

  1)"S1FXXXT":setting PWM1 frequency of XXX HZ (001 ~ 999)

  2)"S1FXX.XT":set the frequency of PWM1 XX.X KHZ (00.1 ~ 99.9)

  3)"S1F:X.X.X.T":setting PWM1 frequency of XXX KHZ (0.0.1 ~ 1.5.0..)




  7)'D':Duty Cycle

  8)'T'is the end flag

7.Set The PWM Duty Cycle

  1)"S1DXXXT":setting PWM1 duty cycle XXX;(001-100)

  2)"S2DXXXT":set PWM2 duty cycle XXX;(001-100)

  3)Setting Successful Return:DOWN

  4)Setting Failback:FALL


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